Visit Mount Rinjani

Tradisional Lombok Village, Selong Belanak Beach and Merese Hill

This thrilling daily trip will allow you to take in all of the beauty that Lombok has to offer, both naturally and culturally. Experience real life in one of Lombok’s traditional villages by going there. After that, go over to the breathtaking Selong Belanak Beach and have a stroll along the white beach. The journey comes to an end when you take in the breathtaking vistas from Merese Hill. This excursion will take you on a trip that encompasses the natural beauty of Lombok, as well as its beaches and culture, all in the span of a single day.

Details of the Itinerary:

  • Our driver will pick you up at the hotel or the agreed pick-up point at 8 a.m., and the journey to Sukarare village by private car begins.
  • Arrive at Sukarare Village, a traditional village famous for its traditional hand-woven textiles. Here, you will be introduced to the process of making traditional ikat cloth, observe local craftsmen at work, and learn about the local culture surrounding this craft. If you are interested, you can buy this product as a souvenir.
  • Continue the journey to Sade Village, a famous traditional Sasak village in Lombok. Here you will have the opportunity to see unique traditional Sasak houses, learn about their traditions and customs, and interact with the local community.
  • Take a break and have lunch at one of the local restaurants.
  • Continue the journey to Selong Belanak, one of the beautiful beaches in Lombok.
  • Once in Selong Belanak, you have free time to relax on the beach, swim or play on the soft white sand. If you are interested, you can also try water sports such as surfing.
  • Continue the journey to Merese Hill to witness the spectacular sunset view.
  • Capture the beautiful moment as the sun slowly sets over the western horizon of Lombok.
  • Return to your hotel or the agreed drop-off point.

Price Per Person:

     1 Person = USD 103
     2-3 People = USD 64
     4-5 People = USD 59
     6-7 People = USD 54
     8-9 People = USD 50
     10+ People = USD 50 + 1 free charge

Price Includes:

  1. Transportation during the tour
  2. Tour guide
  3. Food and drink
  4. Tourist entrance ticket
  5. First Aid

Price Excludes:

  1. Airline Ticket/s
  2. Tips for tour guides
  3. Personal needs during the tour